Visual Arist ~ Serge V. Richard ~ Artiste Visuel
L'inspiration provoque l'unicité / Inspiration brings about uniqueness.
Murals and Finishes

* Murals: Unique paintings or enlarged drawings applied directly to a wall, ceiling, floor, etc.

* Trompe l’oeil: (French for “trick the eye,” from “tromper” – to deceive and “l’œil” – the eye, pronounced as “trom ploy”)

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Although most projects are based on a flat rate, custom work can rarely be predefined price wise. Having said that, a $100+ for a personal and unique artwork on a t-shirt or a leather jacket is a standard base price to start with.

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Original Artworks

We will be adding more original work here within this Art Store in a few weeks, so please bookmark this page or subscribe to our news letter.

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